The company

We are a team of innovative farmers in Hong Kong. Our fresh and succulent vegetables are grown with passion, and because we care about our customers, our local produce is safe and of the best quality.

Because hydroponics is a technology that is sustainable, water preserving, our produce is the only choice in town with a stable year round supply.

A commitment to hygiene and safety is our prime mission; every single veggie is, from seed to harvest, grown under an isolated greenhouse with reasonable biodiversity, free from environmental pollution. We are proud to have rejected any kind of pesticide in the whole process. Irrigating water and produce samples are sent to local university for hygienic tests occasionally.

Our careful design of our greenhouses are  powered by environmental-friendly solar power; recycling and bio-degradable materials are also used to minimize the waste.

Amazing Greens is a consultant and strategic partner of many organizations and schools in Hong Kong.


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